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Sample Job Confirmation Letter

Dear name,

During the six months probation period with the (company name), we have reviewed your performance and are pleased with your performance. You have achieved all your targets and finished all your work in time. Even your immediate superior has all words of praises for you.

We are happy to inform you that you have been confirmed to the position of (position) at (company name) with effect from (confirmation date).Your salary has been revised to (Rs.in words) per month with effect from the confirmation date which indicates the cost to company and other benefits.

All other term and conditions as detailed in your appointment letter remain unchanged.

In case of any clarifications, please reach your manager .We sincerely look forward to your association with (company name) and are confident that you will use the opportunity with (company name)for further improving the growth of your career.

Congratulations on your continuous success.


Your name

One thought on “Sample Job Confirmation Letter

  1. I am working for a company, and was on probation for 15 days, 15 days are over and i have not received any mail regarding it. Though i have verbal communication with a concern person who told me that we like your work but i want it to be mailed so that i can have proof for the same. Can I write a letter for asking about the decision of company for my employment after judging me for 15 days. If yes, please tell me the format and what i shall mention in the letter.

    Thanks a lot


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