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Revolving Letter of Credit

This letter is delivered to a third party in support of your client permitting them the right to withdraw certain amount according to the request made by the customer. In the letter it has to be mentioned that in what way the transaction has to go ahead according to the agreements made between both the parties.

Some tips to write a good recovering letter of credit

  1. Mention your complete details in the letter, your name, name of the bank, purpose of writing this letter.
  2. Mention that you will collaborate in regards with the financial matters related to the undertaken project.
  3. Write the letter in professional language. Be specific; do not write a lengthy letter.
  4. Mention the date on which the repayment has to be done .Also mention in which bank and branch the repayment has to be done.

Revolving Letter of Credit Sample letter










Subject: revolving letter of Credit

Dear Mr XYZ

I am writing the letter to you as the Branch Manager of Maharashtra co-operative bank. This is with reference to the request made by customer, standard engineers’ ltd,

to deliver you the payment as required for the accomplishment of the project that you have started. We will credit the amount in the bank account of the applicant which is in our New Delhi Branch. The transaction will be of a non-cumulative nature and it would be on the fortnightly basis. As agreed, we will permit you to withdraw Rs.5000/- twice in the month. All the withdrawals made by you must be paid back to us at our head office in Mumbai before 31st march 2014.Your request is important to us and we would fully co-operate you in the economical issues related to your project. Feel free to contact us.


Yours truly,

Branch Manager,

Maharashtra Co-operative bank


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