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Letter of Credit Template

Letter of credit template must be identical for all kinds of credit letter. The format will be same for all types of letter just the content has to be different for every letter.

Generally these letters are written in very formal language and all the details are mentioned in the letter. The letters are written in professional manner. Generally these letters are written by the bank.

Some tips to write a good Letter of credit template

  1. These are formal types of letter hence professional language has to be used.
  2. While closing the letter you should give thanks to the reader. This creates a very good impression on the one who reads.
  3. Use very polite language, proper enough to convince the person who is reading it.
  4. Mention the motive of the letter. You have to also mention the date of the expiry of the letter of credit. Also write the reason for which the letter of credit is asked for.

Letter of Credit Template Sample









Subject – Letter of credit template

Dear sir / madam

We have written this letter to inform you that we open this letter of credit in your name for an amount of ($80,000).This amount will be given as per your request for the reason of payment of your draft presentation. The letter is valid till 15.11.2013.This date will be extended by default for next two years. This letter is issued according to the Standard Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, 2008 Version National Chamber of Commerce Publication No. 400. This is for your kind information. We are sure that you will make the payment in time. We hope that you have read all the terms of conditions carefully and you agree to the completely.

Thanking you


Name of the bank

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