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Friendship Letter To A True Friend

In a true friendship there are times when a friend have disturbed or irritated or frustrated or sometimes gets angry on his / her friend, but still continues with the friendship. Thus a true friend always wishes to see a smile on his/ her face. Following is a letter by a friend to his/ hr best friend by advising to keep away from bad company.

______________ (Name and address of the recipient)

______________ (Date)

SUBJECT: advising best friend to keep himself/ herself away from bad company

Dear _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ,

Of late reports have reached me that you are moving around in a circle of companions with dubious reputation. As your true friend I consider it my duty to warn in time, to detach yourself from them.

You must know that prosperity gains friends, adversity tries them. So, all those who are flocking to you are fair-weather friends who will desert you as rats desert a sinking ship. Though god forbid that you fall into any trouble, it is better to stick to only a few whom you think are your true and genuine friends.

It may seem a very enjoyable proposition to go around with a band of friends eating, drinking and partying but life is a serious affair entailing responsibilities. At this juncture of life, when you are a student, a strong foundation needs to be laid out for a bright career. Therefore concentrate on academics. In addition to this devote time in gymnasium and stadium to rejuvenate yourself. Your habit of contributing articles to magazines is an excellent past-time, which you will consider my advice in earnest and not take offence to them. Convey my regards to uncle and aunt.

Yours lovingly,



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