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Inform Letter to Employees of a Misprint

The various business activities and commercial works involve lots of faults in printing of the documents and other paper works. These create a lot of problems to the employees on various matters. So, in order to inform the employees about these faults letters are written by the officers or the heads of the respective departments addressing to the employees, so that the employees and recheck the mistakes and pass the documents smoothly.

Tips and rule to write an inform letter to employees:

1. The letter must be written formally, in a decent way.

2. The letter must be addressed to the right person. In some cases it is not possible to deliver the letter to each and every employee. So, they letter must be addressed to the head of the employees or a single person, representing the employees of the respective departments.

3. The letter must contain the exact information about the misprint fault occurred.

4. It should be taken in consideration that the person receiving the letter conveys he information to every employee. Any kind of discrepancies should not be made in this case.


Inform Letter to Employees of a Misprint Sample






Date: _________ (date on which the letter is written)





Subject: Inform letter for misprint

Dear Mr. / Mrs.

This is to inform you that there has been a printing mistake in the XYZ document. The ABC line of the MNO page has been misprinted as PQR. So, kindly check it for avoiding any kind of inconvenience to the employees.

I expect from you that you’ll inform all of the employees of your department about this so that they do not face any confusion or create any glitch in the further works.

Thanking you,

Yours truly

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