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Letter to Inform Employees about Other Employees’ Illness

The main working factor behind every successful organization, especially a business organization, is the combined effort of the constituting members, who may belong to varying ranks. And when they face the absence of any member due to unwelcomed reasons such as illness, the official responsible for coordinating the officials should inform the absence in a very adept way to other employees and look after the fact that the gap created is duly filled or else the organization may incur loss. After all to juice out the maximum output from the joint effort of the members of any organization, a proper coordination should be maintained among them.

The following facts need to be kept in mind while writing a letter to inform employees about other employees` illness.

  1. The letter should be strictly formal devoid of any personal comments or message and brief.
  2. There should be a proper presentation of the whole matter to be informed, which in this case is the illness of an employee.
  3. A few consoling words may be included depicting sympathy towards the victim and however  ranked employee he may be, he should be shown proper respect.
  4. The letter should be thoroughly revised to keep no room for mistakes.

Letter to Inform Employees about Other Employees’ Illness Sample






Date: ________





Sub: Regarding the sudden illness of one of our colleagues

Respected Sir,

On behalf of the whole organization, I feel extremely sorry to inform you that one of our most beloved colleagues, Mr. ABC, has suddenly fallen ill. He was affected by malignant malaria and is currently under serious medical supervision and is exempted from any responsibility entrusted on him by the organization till he recovers.

In these dire circumstances we need to divide the responsibilities entrusted on Mr. ABC between us for the company`s sake and pray for him to get better as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

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