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Bounced Cheque Inform

Now a day, generally e-mails are used as a mode of communication. But still for the business and bank use letters are still preferred. Banks use the letter for filling the forms for loans be it the education loan or the car loan or the home loan. Even bank also provide the news through letters. The news of passing or bouncing of cheque is also given by letter by the banks. The all bank stuffs are communicated with letters. Customers had to give letters for all queries.

The bank letters are very important for both the customers and the bank also. So these letters are written with great care and precision. Some guidelines are maintained while writing these letters.

Following are certain tips that should be followed while writing these letters:

  1. The content should be to the point, no extra stuffs should be written.
  2. The letter should include all the details about the bank or cheque as per the theme of the letter.
  3. It should be checked, so that no grammatical or spelling mistake remains.
  4. Decency should be maintained.
  5. The letter should be written in a total formal manner.
  6. The letter should not give the notion of disrespect or rudeness.

Bounced Cheque Inform Sample



__________ (Sender’s name and address)



Date: _______ (the date the letter is written)


__________ (Receiver’s name and address)



Subject: – Bounced cheque information

Respected Sir,

We are very sorry to inform you that the loan you applied for had crashed and the cheque is bounced. We want to inform you that the details that were submitted by you were insufficient. We faced many problems while processing the details and we got a notion of fake project. With all due respect we would like you to inform you that because of some technical problems we could not clear the loan you applied for and hence will not be able to give you the amount of money you requested.

We are very sorry for the problem and loss. Looking into the situation, it would be very nice of you that you collect all your details from the head office of the bank in the area. You could also collect the essentials from the applied bank. You could also present your problem to the higher officials for a solution.

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully,

Name and Signature

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