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Romantic Birthday Letter Sample

Summary: To make your loved ones happy at their birthday you can write a letter describing how your life is with them and what you would have been like if they had not been there in your life. This could be a greatest birthday present to your lover and it is priceless that they will keep forever. Write loving and romantic lines in this letter and make them realize so special for you.

John P. Mchugh

3307 Cabell Avenue
Reston, VA 22070

20th December 2010

Dearest John,

You are like an angel who has come to my life to make me the happiest person in the world. I thank this day a thousand times, as God has done a great favor by sending you for me.

I cannot give any thing but my wishes. May you have the greatest life ahead and you remain the cheerful and delightful person as you are always. My love will grow more just like your age. With these passing years my will become more deep for you.

I wish you live for 100 years and we grow old together to see many and many grand children. You will look very cute even when you are turn 60.

Lots of love


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