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Thank You Letter

Summary – Tell your partner that you are greatful to them for giving you love and accepted you as their lover. Send them a thank you love letter in which you can say thanks to her to accept your love. Here is one good sample of thank you love letter you can follow it to epxress your emotions.


632, Kent housing colony,

194 black street,

Urban area,


Dear Anu,

Thank you for accepting my love. By winning your heart, I feel to be the man with everything in hand. You are the most precious gift for me gifted by god. I like your lovable nature for everyone, your talking behavior, compassion and your humanity.

Before meeting you, I was having no path to follow in life; but now after getting you I reached my destiny. Only by getting your love, care, and presence at every good or bad turn of life my future will be bright. I will do everything within my limit to provide you every leisure & pleasure of this world. Always care for me like this. I wish your soul is mine forever and our love would be everlasting.

I love you.

Yours lovable,


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