Decline To Write a Letter of Recommendation

Summary: A good application letter for the position of marketing and sales manager will improve your chances of getting the job. Write a letter that will make you win an interview with the employer. If you are ready to write that marketing application letter, then we have made one just for you. You can follow this given sample for you.

Diane Wilson

121 West Side Street


19 March 2010

Mrs. Drake

Marketing manager

Sunstar Co.

California, USA

Dear Ma’am,

I have enough experience as a sales and marketing executive. I have deep knowledge on establishing customer satisfaction as well as generating sales plans. My experience makes me suit as a sales manager for your firm. I have enough skills that will make your business increase in terms of sales as well as satisfy your customers.

Throughout my career, I have learned that one successful sales is a part of bigger mission of maintaining a good position in the industry. I can bring quality work performance and transform it into your company’s growth. I have attached my resume for your perusal. I hope I will be given a chance for an interview with you.

Truly Yours,

Signature in blue ink,

Jennie White

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