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Job Recommendation Letter

To further ones career a person usually is in search of a proper job and the one that gives them the maximum satisfaction. At such a juncture recommendation letter from their employers helps a lot in finding and getting a new position. This is one such letter given to the employee of the firm who is seeking a job at another company.

Here is a sample job recommendation letter:


Mr. Marc Smith


Lloyd Group of Companies,

New Orleans


The Director

Genius Electrical Ltd,

New York

22nd June, 2010

Ref: Recommendation of our former employee

Dear Sir,

This to inform you that Mr. Edward Kimberly had been working with us for the past 5 years. He is a very hard working and sincere employee of our company. He was responsible for the success of many of our projects.

We are extremely reluctant in letting our hard worker to leave our company. It was but for the sake of the employee, who is desirous of furthering his career. In letting Mr. Kimberly leave our company we are loosing a diligent worker.

We highly recommend him for the job. He will defiantly be an asset to your company.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,

Marc Smith

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