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Landlord Recommendation Letter






Dear Sir,

This is inform that Mr.(name) and his wife is a tenant in (address) and they have been a wonderful family who always paid the rent on time and he has been our tenant from ________date and from past two years we never had any problem with his family. His two kids are also much disciplined and he keeps his house and the surroundings very clean .He has never given us a chance to compliant. He is a person who socializes with everyone in the neighborhood and is very helpful and supportive. He is respected by everyone is very soft spoken and doest disturb any one with loud music or any other kind of behavior.

At the time of my illness and stay in the hospital he has helped me a lot and was there as a family member supporting me and my family. He has given a notice of one month and would like to move from our house as he has got better opportunity near your place. It will be very far for him to drive from my place. We will be refunding his money soon. He had been wonderful person and with regret I have to part from him. If you want to have any further information contact at this number ________________.


Your name.

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