Letter of Recommendation for Student

Dear (Mr. / Miss)

It’s my pleasure to recommend (name of the student) for admission to your university. She/he was my student for three years. During that time I found him/her excellent academically and possessing good leadership qualities.

She/he is a student who takes initiative to help her friends understand the subject and explain them clearly the subject. He/she is also very helpful, supportive and modest by nature. She/he is very popular among her/his classmates.

She/he has been actively involved in the fundraising events conducted by our school and is a student who organizes meetings to encourage fellow students to participate in different activities and take responsibilities. She/he is very trustworthy and finishes any work given well in time. She/he is always ahead to take up any additional responsibilities. During her entire course she/he has been an excellent student and has been among the toppers. She is highly motivated and enthusiastic to learn new things.

I recommend (name of the student) as one of the best students for your (university).

Please let me know if you need any additional information.


Your name

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