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letter to Recommend a Teenager for a Job

In these days of modernization, where mode of communication mainly revolves around mobile phones and internet, there are certain types which are mainly preferred. Recommendation letter are also very important. These are mainly written by a person mainly to an old office colleague or an acquaintance. The purpose is not only limited to jobs but, it spreads to technical or management training or professional internship. Letters are also written to recommend for a scholarship or award or even school or college admission. The main recommendations come in form of letter through a person of great image in society. They can be a school principal, a college professor, a renowned doctor or scientist, a government or military official.

  • The purpose of writing the letter should be kept in mind.
  • Grammatical or spelling mistakes should be checked repeatedly and minutely. Such mistakes should be prevented.
  • Since the letter is for an acquaintance it should start from health queries and not directly from the recommendation call.

letter to Recommend a Teenager for a Job Template

Use our free letter to Recommend a Teenager for a Job to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.



__________ (Sender’s name)

__________ (Sender’s designation)

__________ (Sender’s address)

Date: __________ (Date when the sender is writing the letter)


__________ (Receiver’s name)

__________ (Receiver’s designation and company)

__________ (Receiver’s address)

Subject: Recommendation letter for a teenager

Respected Sir,

It is my pleasure that you asked for a recommendation for your vacancy. I would like to recommend Mr. ABC for the post. His qualification is quiet exceptional. He took his training under my guidance and was strictly scrutinized by me.

I belief he will pass the entire test and handle each and every situation with extra care. I hope he proves to be the best for the company. Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,


Name and signature (of the sender)


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Word Filepdf

letter to Recommend a Teenager for a Job Sample, Email and Example/Format






Date: _____________ (Date on which the letter is written)





Subject: Recommendation letter for the vacancy in your company

Dear XYZ,

Hope this letter finds you in your peak of health. I am very much pleased to recommend you the red head teenage carrier of the letter. Well according to your requirements, I think he is the perfect one. He is quiet over qualified for his age, with a very good knowledge of computers and software.

Well I suppose you will extract most of him. His computer and software knowledge is exceptional. He took an internship under my supervision.

Hope he will proof a real asset for you and your company. I recommend you, Mr. ABC.

Thanking you,


Yours Sincerely,


Name and signature (Sender)


Email Format

Dear Name,

I have known _____________ from past two years and he is been working with me in my outlet and is been extremely hardworking and dedicated. He has good communication skills and is the well mannered boy. As I am winding up my business here I would like to recommend __________to be taken as the salesman in your shop. He is very loyal and trustworthy and is someone who was liked by all my customers. He goes to an extra mile to satisfy the customers, and he makes sure to deliver the best to the customers.

He is very helping ad used to help other employees when they required him and is somebody who is enthusiastic about his job and is ready to put in extra hours when need. He is a very courteous person who can convince the customers with his smile and winning attitude. I would like to strongly refer him for the job, and I am sure he will be the best candidate for the position. Please call me if you require any further information at _____________.


Your name.


letter to Recommend a Teenager for a Job Generator

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