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Letter of Recommendation for Employee

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Dear Sir,

As a manger of (company name) am happy to recommend (name) for the position of to your office. He joined the firm as a trainee and within two years was promoted as the Asst manager.

(Name) is highly enthusiastic and hardworking and always eager to learn. He is very good at his work and doesn’t require any guidance but is humble enough to take the guidance from the seniors if required.

He is very consistent in his work and tries to improve all his skills as and when necessary. He is one of the best employees of the team whom I can rely on. He somebody who is very supportive to the team and goes an extra mile to support these who cannot pitch in consistently. He is very efficient and meets his deadlines and is very punctual to office.

If you would like more information I will be happy provide it to you. Please contact me at this phone number for any further information.


Your name.

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