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Sample Letter for Recommendation of Scholarship

Summary: If you want to write a letter for recommendation of scholarship to any university then follow this given sample it will help you. In this complete letter is provided so that you can follow the format and if need content help then its available in this.


The Scholarship Selection Board

University of Illinois


June 1, 2010

I am writing in recommendation of Sally Smith for the National Scholars Scholarship award that is now being offered. I have worked with Ms. Smith for the past four years while she has been a student of mine.

It has been a wonderful experience having Ms. Smith in my classes, as she is a hard working and encouraging student. She actually works with other students to help and encourage them in their studies as well. Ms. Smith is an academic scholar which is very important but she did not sacrifice her extra curricular activities to get there seeing that she was captain of the tennis team and head cheerleader as well. In addition to this, she was class president and pushed for a variety of changes to help benefit the student body.

Ms. Smith has pursued a number of different aspects when it comes to her education and she has been financially responsible for her education thus far.

I believe wholeheartedly that she is going to be the perfect candidate for your scholarship and highly recommend her as so.



Samuel Hopkins, PhD

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