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Scholarship Application Letter

Summary: A scholarship application letter has to specify your interest on the subject you are applying the scholarship for. It should also carry your educational qualifications and certificates. Always thank the reader and make him aware that you are in immense need for the scholarship. You can present your request in humble or polite manner and discuss the circumstances you are going through. Write the letter in such a manner as mentioned below.

Robert Daniel

Dean of London School of Law

4th Avenue

Law Street

9th block


Subject: Scholarship application for law major.

Dear Mr. Daniel,

I am aware that your esteemed university grants scholarship for the worthy and needy students as its ambition and motto.

I therefore would like to apply for the scholarship as I am financially week, but have a lot of interest within me to pursue a law degree from a well-known university like yours.

I would be obliged if you would go through my application to see that I have had a successful school career.

Herewith I have enclosed my profile with all the important credentials required by you. I hope that you will give me a positive response after careful examination.

Thanking you in advance

Susan Antonio

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