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Appology Letter to Sister

This kind of letter would mostly be addressed to one’s witty sister, cousin sister, or even a so entrusted sister to be penitent for some unintentional mistake & thereby express a sense of good faith to avoid for any future uncertainties. This would signify just the essence to regret from bottom of the heart.

Ms. Kavita Sharma.

Rounak Gardens,

Ram maruti Road.

8th Sept’ 2010.

Dear sis;

First & foremost, I am very much aware while writing this one. So without bringing any kind of second thoughts just to hurt yourself & also to upset for everything. Without getting much again into the dubious matter; I can do as much to advice just let yourself believe in what you are & explore your potentialities instead of being just brooding over the forecast by that street astrologer in the last week. I can very well make out from your tendency to change the persona & lifestyle that it is just making you to imagine, feel & revolve around the negative vibrations which is very harmful for you in the long run.

Without extending this letter into a lecture sort, I just want to regret for being a bit rude to you to explain the same. Hope you get my point soon & clear out all the cloudy fog in the relations.

Thanking You.

Yours Loving Bro.



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