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Sorry Letter to Friend

Friendship is considered to be the strongest relation amongst all but sometime life takes test of true friends. In this test we even make mistakes but if the relation is true then nothing can ruin the relation. Even if you did anything wrong, simply ask for an apology. If you want you can write a sorry letter to your friend.

Here is a sample sorry letter to friend:

Sunny Taylor,

B-12, Bungalow Road,


13th May, 2010

Dear Sunny,

I want to express my apologies for all the things that have happened in past few weeks. I seriously gave a thought to all the problems that have aroused between us and tried to figure out the mistakes. What I feel is that all this happened due to the communication gap. In all the years of our friendship we had shared each and everything whether it is good or bad. We faced the worst moments with a great zeal because we know that we two were together. But in last few weeks I felt you were hiding something from me and that made me sensed neglected.

I know you very well and so I know that you always want to be alone in your problems but I think I am not different from you. All these things made me ferocious and I messed up the things. Now I realize that I am wrong because we have a good level of understanding and I should understand that if you are hiding something from me there must be a big reason behind it.

Sunny, I am really sorry for my behavior and hope that it won’t affect our relation in any way. You know that only you are my best buddy on this whole earth and I never want you to be sad. I hope you will forget my mistakes.

I am waiting for your reply.

Your buddy,


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