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Sorry Letter for Rude Behavior

Sorry letters are to be written for accepting certain mistake done undoubtedly or doubted. What may be reason for writing sorry or apology letter it has to be written in way that it should convey the message in an appropriate form? The most important things to be written in the letter is reason for sorry and assurance of not making the same mistake in future. These can be formal or informal both types of letters. And way of writing goes along with the type of letter.

Ms. Melody J. Sanford

1216 Richland Avenue

Katy, TX 77450

06 September, 2010


Dear, Melody

I am extremely sorry for my rude behavior with you on the occasion of my birthday party on 2nd of September, 2010 at my residence. I have rudely behaved with you and I even don’t talk with you. As you had came for my party and you were my guest I should be very thankful to you and would have been taken care of you. But on the day before my birthday our common friend Rita has told me that you were using some bad word for me in front of her. That’s the reason I kept that in my mind and behaved so badly with you. But afterwards I realize that Rita has just laying to me and the way I behaved with you was totally wrong. Please forgive me and accept my invitation for lunch party on tomorrow at my residence. If you don’t come then I will assume that you have not forgiven me.

Yours truly,

Ms. Pamela D. Harris

2132 Dovetail Estates

Clinton, OK 73601

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