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Sorry Letter to Aunty

We generally write an apology letter to try and make amends for the mistakes we have done. Hence, sincerity takes priority over everything. Our mistakes sometimes hurt others small whereas sometimes they hurt big. Thus, it is important to state exactly why one is apologizing, just so that the person knows you are ready to acknowledge your fault.

Mrs. Angelina Owen

34454 Linking Lane

East Dakota, IL


September 22, 2010

Dear Aunt Angelina,

I would like to apologize for an incident which happened yesterday. I am aware of the fact that you hate indiscipline. But, I violated your norms and regulations aunty. I bunked the college lectures yesterday. You might be shocked to read this but I am ready to get the punishment for my mistake. I was not able to sleep last night thinking about the fact of violating your teachings. I was being troubled by the fact that how could I do that. Just by the influence of some friends I have disappointed you aunty. Henceforth, this mistake shall not be repeated by me. Please forgive me aunty.

You will surely see a change in me. I will also meet the teacher and apologize for my mistake. Have a nice day ahead. You are one of my greatest teachers aunty.



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