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Sorry Letter – Sample Sorry Letter to Boyfriend

When you are in a relation you forget rest of the world and everything around you reflects his love. But sometime you may become over possessive about your love or create some trouble for him. When you realize you feel bad and want to confess. A sorry letter then is a best way to express your apology and your true feelings for him. A simple sorry letter if written with true emotions is enough to say everything from your side.

Here is a sample sorry letter to boyfriend:

Dear Paul,

Sorry is too small a word to express my apology, for what I did last evening. But believe me it was all because of my fear of losing you. My insecurities had conquered my heart and soul and rendered me its captive. My mind doesn’t even miss a nanosecond, nor does the heart skips a beat when I don’t think about you. You are on my mind for 24×7 and all my soul knows in this cosmos is you honey! Forgive me for that display of immaturity and jealously before your friends.

I never wanted to humiliate you in public. But what I feel for you seems to have no restricted territory, as a result of which I just can’t stand any other girl with you. Asking for a sorry seems completely out of question at this point, but believe me if you can forgive me, I am really sorry and regret my stupid side.

Last but not least at all, I miss you like the deserts miss the rain and want you and long for you terribly. Please don’t debar my love from your life.



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