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Sorry Letter – Sample Sorry Letter to Boyfriend

When you are in a relationship, sometimes mistakes do happen. They may be unintentional but they will hurt the feelings of the other person. Saying sorry and patching up the relationship is very important. There are several ways of saying sorry. Writing a letter is one of the best ways to say sorry. It reflects the true feelings of the writer.

Sorry Letter – Sample Sorry Letter to Boyfriend Template

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_____________ ( your address)

_____________ ( address of the person the letter is addressed to)

Date: _________________ ( Date of which letter is written)

Dear____________ (name of your boyfriend),

I am really sorry for my rude behavior last week when we had met. I do not have proper words to express my feelings. I feel guilty and do not have the courage to face you. I hope you understand my situation. I had been waiting for you for more than two hours and when you came, the moment I saw you, I lost control and shouted at you. I did not give you a chance to explain the reason for delay.

I once again apologize and want you to reply or call me as I am eager to listen to you.

Yours lovingly,

___________ (Your name)


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Sorry Letter – Sample Sorry Letter to Boyfriend Sample, Email and Example/Format


Dear Rahul,

I apologize for my rude behaviour with you the other day when we had met. I was waiting for you patiently for almost two hours. I was in a bad shape, lost all my patience. When you came and tried talking to me, I shouted at you. The way you have left the place in a hurry shows that you were hurt and felt bad.

I can really understand the pressure under which you work in your office. I did not even ask you for the reason of delay. I am ashamed of my behaviour and do not have the courage to face you. That the reason why I am writing to you.

I realize that in any relationship mutual understanding is very important. I hope you understand my situation and forgive me. I have been trying to reach you on phone but you are receiving my calls. I do not have any other option except to write you.

Hope things are fine with you. I want to meet you at the earliest. Please confirm your availability the coming weekend so that I can plan and come to you. I once again apologize for my rude behaviour and request you to forgive me. I promise that I will not repeat this mistake anytime.


Yours lovingly,



Email Format

Dear Paul,

Sorry is too small a word to express my apology, for what I did last evening. But believe me it was all because of my fear of losing you. My insecurities had conquered my heart and soul and rendered me its captive. My mind doesn’t even miss a nanosecond, nor does the heart skips a beat when I don’t think about you. You are on my mind for 24×7 and all my soul knows in this cosmos is you honey! Forgive me for that display of immaturity and jealously before your friends.

I never wanted to humiliate you in public. But what I feel for you seems to have no restricted territory, as a result of which I just can’t stand any other girl with you. Asking for a sorry seems completely out of question at this point, but believe me if you can forgive me, I am really sorry and regret my stupid side.

Last but not least at all, I miss you like the deserts miss the rain and want you and long for you terribly. Please don’t debar my love from your life.




Sorry Letter – Sample Sorry Letter to Boyfriend Generator

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