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Sorry Letter to Father

This type of sentimental remorseful letter would most likely be addressed to ones father, friend’s father just to express the regretful state for any punishable acts of indecent event or even any unintentional filthy sayings etc. This would not necessarily indicate the purpose of the said incident to remind but just to apologize for anything & everything & to gain back the lost trust.

Guy M. Goldman

2893 Clark Street
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Dear Dad,

With rock hard feelings in the heart & intense stress storming in the mind for my misdeed to hide the incident of writing articles & letters from net source as against your wish inspite of asking for the permission & all above that hiding behind you the same incident for a couple of weeks.

Probably this incident to hide from you was bound by fate to make me aware of my wrong path & to take me off from the right track without alerting to anyone. Still to the best of my efforts I have now realized because of your immediate horrifying reaction on knowing the truth; of the negative repercussions in the near future & also in the long run.

I know you may at times not be graceful for my indecent act; but then just making an honest attempt after having realized by your tight slaps; to abide & pledge by your principles.

Lastly simply trying to gain back the lost faith & sincerely apologizing & further assuring to act as per your words as final commands..



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