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Sorry Letter to Girlfriend

When you love someone it’s your responsibility that you always keep that person happy. Somehow you always try to make it possible that you don’t hurt her but if any point you hurt her then you try to convince her by saying sorry. In such cases sorry letter would be more effective because a letter can state all your feelings for her. When you address sorry letter to your girlfriend make sure that you write a letter in a way that she understand your feeling for her and she recognize that you really mean it.

Ms. Myra R. Byrne

349 Grove Street

Brentwood, NY 11717

03 September, 2010


Dear, Myra

I am extremely sorry for not being available for your birthday party on 10th September, 2010. I had planned everything a venue, music, dinner and a very special gift for you on this extreme beautiful occasion. But due to my office work I had to go Los Angeles on the day before your birthday. It’s an emergency meeting to be held on our head office which is in Los Angeles and hence I have to be present at the meeting. If I don’t go there it will highly affect my job and my future. I expect you will understand my circumstances and try to forgive me. I promise when I come back we will celebrate your birthday the way I have decided. Once again I am extremely sorry.

Yours Lovingly,

David A. Irvine

4405 Turkey Pen Lane

Montgomery, NY 36104

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