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Sorry Letter to Husband

In a sorry letter to husband, the wife who has committed a mistake confesses to her husband. It may be a small thing but it matters a lot in maintain a relationship. Among husband and wife, if any one falters or makes a mistake, it should be discussed and the matter should be dealt with accordingly. Sometimes writing to each other is better that talking to each other. In a letter, the matter to be told can be clearly written.

The following tips will be useful in writing a sorry letter to husband:

1. The letter should be precise and express the exact feelings of the writer.

2. The language used should be clear and it should communicate right feeling to the reader.

Sorry Letter to Husband Sample





_____________ ( your address)




_____________  ( address of the person the letter is addressed to)

Date: _________________ ( Date of which letter is written)

Dear Harsh,

I want to bring to your notice that yesterday I drove the car and while parking hit a pillar. The backside of the car got damaged very badly. I should have drove the car carefully. Somehow I could not notice the pillar which got merged with the dark surroundings. The lighting was weak and I was picking up Neha from her tuition. The car is now not in a condition to use. After you come back from your office trip, we have to take it to the technician. I do not know whether we can claim any insurance for it.

I am really sorry honey for what has happened. I will be more careful from now onwards. The matter may seem small to you but I am feeling really bad for what I have done. I know you keep telling me to drive carefully whenever I take the car out for a drive.

Hope things are fine with you and as you told me, you should be back within ten days. I shall bring Neha from tuition in our scooter till you come back. It is not an issue.

Please reply as I will be eagerly waiting to listen to your response.


Yours lovingly,


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