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Sorry Letters to Uncle

Any relationship depends on mutual understanding and respect to each other. Relations give strength and warmth to our lives. Sometimes one’s attitude or situations influence and people tend to make mistakes. These mistakes bring a blot to the relationships and it all depends on the person who commits mistakes to apologize and patch up the relationship. Especially when happens with elders, the youngsters should not think twice to say sorry. Letters are one of the best ways to express one’s feelings.

Sorry Letters to Uncle Template

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Dear uncle_________________(name of your uncle),

I am really sorry for not being able to attend your son’s wedding reception this weekend. Unexpectedly I have to attend an important office meeting on Saturday. My boss is sending me to this meeting as his proxy as he is not in a position to attend it. I hope you understand my situation. If I do not attend it, it will affect my performance.

I hope all the arrangements for the wedding are over and you are eagerly waiting for the wedding day. It would have been really nice if I could attend it. I plan to come and meet you all after I come back from the trip.

How is your health? By God’s grace you are hail and healthy and I pray for your good health in the coming years.

Please get back to me at the earliest so that I can make plans to visit you. I wish the wedding reception will be a grand success. Please convey my best wishes to the bride and bridegroom.

Yours lovingly,


_____________( Your name)


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Sorry Letters to Uncle Sample, Email and Example/Format



Mr. Samuel Jackson

H.No 54, Hill Road,

New York

28th August, 2013

Dear uncle,

I am very sorry for not attending your retirement party last week. I planned to come early from office and visit your place. But unexpectedly I had to attend an important office meeting. I could not avoid it as it is a very crucial meeting with the clients. I hope you understand my situation.

I hope you had a nice time meeting all your friends and relatives in the party. How are my cousins Jack and Sam? Convey my wishes to them.

I am planning to visit you the coming weekend. Please let me know if you would be available. I want to meet you at the earliest.

I once again apologize for my absence at your retirement party.


Yours affectionately




Email Format

Making an apology is one a way of assuring the reader that the mistakes will not occur again and it shows that the person has the guilt of committing the mistake. We realize the importance of the mistake only after we have committed the mistake. The other reason of writing an apology letter is that the exact reason of the apology can be made known to the reader. By this the reader also understands what went wrong on that crucial day. Thus, it’s one of the best ways to apologize on our fault.

Dear Uncle Daniel,

I would like to apologize for a mistake, a mistake that might seem to be small but will hurt you a lot. The incident that happened yesterday. You had told me to control my anger. I promised you that I will surely control it but yet I failed to keep the promise. Like the previous times I again got myself involved in a fight. The fight became so serious that I could not control myself and I hit one man and broke one of his bones.

My friends hate me for what I did. Uncle, you were right. Anger causes harm to no one else than ourselves. I am sorry for whatever I did. Today, I have learnt an important lesson of life that one should kill the anger before its kills oneself. Uncle, please forgive me.

You will surely see a changed Gabriel the next time you meet me. Thank you Uncle, you are the best teacher I had ever had.





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