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Sorry Letters to Uncle

Making an apology is one a way of assuring the reader that the mistakes will not occur again and it shows that the person has the guilt of committing the mistake. We realize the importance of the mistake only after we have committed the mistake. The other reason of writing an apology letter is that the exact reason of the apology can be made known to the reader. By this the reader also understands what went wrong on that crucial day. Thus, it’s one of the best ways to apologize on our fault.

Mr. Daniel Fernandez

3992, Linkin Street

Rod Drive, Ca-9944

May 27, 2010

Dear Uncle Daniel,

I would like to apologize for a mistake, a mistake that might seem to be small but will hurt you a lot. The incident that happened yesterday. You had told me to control my anger. I promised you that I will surely control it but yet I failed to keep the promise. Like the previous times I again got myself involved in a fight. The fight became so serious that I could not control myself and I hit one man and broke one of his bones.

My friends hate me for what I did. Uncle, you were right. Anger causes harm to no one else than ourselves. I am sorry for whatever I did. Today, I have learnt an important lesson of life that one should kill the anger before its kills oneself. Uncle, please forgive me.

You will surely see a changed Gabriel the next time you meet me. Thank you Uncle, you are the best teacher I had ever had.



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