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Acceptance Letter

An Acceptance Letter is the one that is written to either accept a job offer or resignation or promotion. The reason in the Acceptance Letter should be specified to clearly indicate what is the acceptance for. An Acceptance Letter can be given both by a superior or a subordinate depending upon what it is being given for. For example, if a resignation letter is being given to a superior by a subordinate, then the superior will give her/his subordinate an Acceptance Letter – acceptance of the resignation. If an employee is being promoted, then the subordinate gives the Acceptance Letter to her/his superior accepting the promotion.

Since an Acceptance Letter is an official one, it should be very crisp, to the point and should clearly indicate what is being accepted. It should be addressed to the person whose request of any kind is being accepted. The date from when the Acceptance Letter is effective should be very evident from the letter. To avoid any confusion in communication, it should not have any casual language written in it.


  • An Acceptance Letter is an official one so the language should also be official and should not sound in any way personal
  • No efforts should be made to antagonize the individual whose request is being accepted
  • The letter should be short and crisp as long letters lose their importance
  • The date on which the Acceptance Letter is being given should be very clearly and prominently mentioned on the letter
  • If the acceptance is being given for a resignation then the date from when the resignation is being accepted should also be clearly indicated on it
  • Since an Acceptance Letter is an official one, it should always be on a company letter head
  • Copies of this letter should be kept in the employee’s personal file and should also be displayed on the employee notice board to ensure that the existing employees are aware of any new developments in the organization. This confirms open communication between the organization and the existing employees


Ms/Mr. ______________


Date: ___________

Subject: Acceptance of resignation

Dear Ms/Mr. ____________

This is to inform you that I on behalf of the organization have accepted your resignation with effect from ________ (What is the Date of Relieving).

We would request you to please hand over the charge to Ms/Mr. __________ (What is the Name of the Replacement Employee) well before you leave to ensure a smooth transition.

We thank you for your contributions towards the growth of the organization and wish you all the very best in your future endeavor.


Thanking You

Yours truly,

Name and Signature



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