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I Am Sorry Letter

If you commit any kind of mistake then it becomes your responsibility to apologize or say sorry for that mistake. By verbally or in writing you can accept your mistake any apologize for it. But if you say sorry verbally then it’s not worth it. Expect apologizing verbally if you say sorry in writing then it make good impact hence sorry letters are to be written. While writing sorry letter make sure that language used by you should be polite because it’s a sorry letter.

Ms. Simon S. Clifton

1607 Pheasant Ridge Road

Bensalem, PA 19020

03 September, 2010.


Dear, Ms. Simon

On 31st August, 2010 when you had given your promotion party I could not make it to come. I know you are very hurt because of me as you were expecting me to come in any circumstances. I am extremely sorry for not coming in your party. I almost got ready and coming for the party but suddenly my mother she got pain in her stomach and I had to rush to the hospital because there is no one else who can take care of her at that time I made a decision that not to go for a party. To give excuse is very easy but mine is a truly exception because it was an issue of my mom’s health so it’s my humble request to you that please accept it.

For a special person like you only sorry letter is not enough therefore I am sending your favorite flowers along with my best wishes.

Yours truly,

Mr. Oscar S. Madrigal

1728 poplar Chase Lane

Idaho Falls, ID 83402

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