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Inform Letter for Appointment for Interview

The inform letter for appointment for interview is addressed by the owners or the head of the companies to the ones applying for the job at the respective companies for informing them about the date and other details for the interview, as decided by the company or job sector. After receiving the letter the person can attend the company on the informed date and sit for the interview.

Some of the rules for writing a proper letter for interview appointment:

1. The letter is written in a full formal manner. Giving due respect to the receiver.

2. The letter must contain all the necessary details about the date and time of the interview, so that the person receiving the letter does not face any problem in attending the interview.

3. Proper care must be taken when addressing the letter. It must be sent to the right person because it involves a hope of the respected person who is in need of the job.

Inform Letter for Appointment for Interview Sample






Date: _________ (date on which the letter is written)





Subject: Inform letter for interview appointment

Dear _______ (name of the appointee),

This letter is from the XYZ Company. We received your job application and would like to appoint you for the interview on ABC at PQR. You must bring all of your documents including all of your certificates and the other necessities that are being already mentioned to you, on the due date.

Any extra dates for the interview will not be provided in case you miss it. We hope to have you on the given date.


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Name and Signature

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