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Sample Approval Letter

Approval letters are generally written in a professional environment in which an employee is granted approval on his request. Through this letter, an employee gets the approval for which he has submitted his application either requesting a leave, or for any other personal or professional reason. In a corporate world it is very much essential to take the approval from senior authorities in written as the documents needs to be submitted to the HR department to update employee record.

Few tips should be considered for writing an approval letter:

  1. First and foremost it is vital to be professional while writing an approval letter.
  2. You must mention in your letter that employee has to submit relevant documents to support his leave request or any other request.
  3. Tone of the letter should be formal.
  4. Letter should be brief and concise.
  5. Once you are through writing the letter, please recheck the same for amendments, if needed.

Approval Letter Sample



Mr. Enid Taylor

Accounts Manager



Date: (Date on which letter is written)


George Mathew

Head (Accounts)


Sub: Approval letter


Dear Mr. Taylor,

This is to inform you that the home loan which you have applied for $50000 has been approved by the management, rate of interest being 4% to be paid quarterly. I hope that this approval has solved most of your tension and you can now easily plan your budget accordingly. I would appreciate if you could come to my office and do all the legal formalities.

Having your own home is a dream of every individual and I am glad to know that you have taken a step to convert your dream into reality and wish you all the best for the same.

I am enclosing a disclosure form with this letter mentioning our terms and conditions. Please go through the same. If you have any query regarding the same, please feel free to contact me or come to my office personally.

Good Luck.

Yours Truly’


George Mathew

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