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Authorization Letter

An Authorization Letter gives the holder of the letter the authority to either grant permission for something or collect something from somewhere. It is normally given when the individual in command is not available for the necessary approvals so s/he authorizes another, reliable individual in her/his place to give the sanctions.

Lawyers and their clients for collecting legal documents also use an Authorization Letter. It is a very important document as it gives the power that is exerted at the giver’s discretion. The individual who gets this letter has a lot of responsibility on her/his shoulders. As Superman says, “With great power comes great responsibility”.

While writing an Authorization Letter the writer must be sure to whom s/he is giving the letter, as it needs to be given after serious thinking. The recipient of the letter should be a trusted person known to be having no mal-intentions. An Authorization Letter should be simple and crisp. It should clearly indicate who is being authorized and for what work. The exact validity of the authorization forms a very important part of this letter. There should be no room for ambiguity in the Authorization Letter as it is a very powerful tool in the recipient’s hands.


  • An Authorization Letter should clearly indicate the full name of the person who is being entrusted with the tool
  • The period of validity of the letter should also be very clearly mentioned in the letter
  • The work for which the Authorization Letter is being given should be specified in simple language in the letter
  • A very clear non-ambiguous letter is a must with the Authorization Letter
  • The Authorization Letter should also carry the date when the letter is issued
  • The letter should be very short and crisp. A lengthy letter loses its importance
  • It is very important to check the letter for spelling and grammar




I _____________ (name of the person giving the letter) hereby authorize ________ (name of the person who is being authorized) to collect my property documents from my lawyer ______________ (name of the lawyer).

This authorization letter is valid for _________ (number of days of validity) from the issuance date after which it becomes null and void.

For security purposes, I have attested below the signature of the authorized person.

___________ (name and signature of the person giving the authorization letter)

_________ (signature of the person authorized)

_________ (attestation of above signature by person giving letter)


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