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How To Write An Authorization Letter

A person who wants to take any permission and approval from the higher authority of the respective company writes an authorization letter addressing to that person. An authorization letter can be written for many purposes such as traveling, medical, and legal issues. Authorization letters are formal type of letters thus the language of writing should be polite and professional.

For writing an appropriate authorization letter follow these steps and write accordingly.

  • First write name and address of the company who has to give authorization. Then date and subject should be written along with the greeting of Dear Sir/Madam.
  • Main Para consist of content of the letter such as reason of authorization why the person need to authorized someone else on behalf of him/her, it should also state the relation of the person who is declaring the authorization with the person who is to be authorized, the period for which authorization is to be made should also to be mentioned.
  • After making clarifications about authorization assure the reader that authorization is important and request to him for granting permission.
  • Before closing the letter again greets the person with yours sincerely or yours truly, along with your complete name, address and contact details for future reference.

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