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Medical Treatment Authorization Letter

Authorization Letters are adhering to the head in charge in human resource department of the hospital. The employee working with the hospital more then certain period of time and gets eligible for medical authorization by the hospital can avail the benefits under such authorization by writing authorization letter to the human resource department of the hospital.

Mr. Jules R. Pena

General Manager-Human Resources

Kansas City Hospital

1st September, 2010.


Dear, Mr. Jules R. Pena

I am the Sales Manager working with the Kansas City Hospital since two years and now I have completed my tenure period in this hospital. With regards to completion of my tenure period I become eligible for medical treatment authorization benefit provided by the hospital to all its employees. Hence I request you to kindly complete all my formalities for getting medical authorization from the hospital. As it is already mentioned by the human resource department on the joining letter that employee gets eligible for the medical authorization after completion of his tenure period. I am ready to help you in necessary documentation to be done for this purpose. I expect need full replay from your end.

For any kind of enquiry or query you can contact me on my mail id. For your help my employee id is 87352 you can get all my details through the company’s intranet.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Felipe T. Beasley


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