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Short Sale Authorization Approval Letter

Like many formal authorization letter, you would need an approval to carry out the activities you had asked for permission to do. So before you write a short sale authorization approval letter you need to have received a short sale authorization letter asking for your authority as an individual or company for the carrying out of a short sale.

A short sale authorization approval letter includes the company/individuals who are seeking for the permission with reference to the first letter sent which is the approval letter. While writing the letter you state the authorization given and duration of the authority including the person given the authority.

The importance of this letter is only to approve and give a feedback on a short sale authorization letter sent.

Tone – Have a formal and official tone while writing this letter.

Straight forward– Make sure to write a short and on to the point letter, a long letter will be boring and may lack its importance.

Make sure to refer to the authorization letter- With reference to the short sale authorization letter you are giving feedback to, make sure to clearly indicate the full name of the individual or company who is being given approval and permission.

Period of authorization– While writing the approval letter, do not forget to write the period and validity of the authorization given for the short sale.

As the lender, you need to keep in mind that the short sale cannot proceed without your approval so writing this letter is important.

Short Sale Authorization Approval Letter Template

Use our free Short Sale Authorization Approval Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.


{Your address}
{City, State, Zip}


{Recipient’s address}
{City, State, Zip}

Dear ______________,

We hereby authorize your short term sale program on behalf of letter we have found from your business organization on ______ (date). We have come to a consensus to agree and authorize you with reference to the earlier short sale authorization letter your had written to us.

You are expected to adhere to__________(state down the companies regulations and conditions) Our company is ready to assist you in any way possible and we will offer you discount over total profit at the end of the short sale.

For further clarifications or you are in the need to contact us please do not hesitate to arrange a business meeting with us and also you may contact us during our office hours.

We will be looking forward to hear from you soon. We have done it at our disposal and now it all depends upon your efforts. Thank you for your support and time.


Truly yours, ___________


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Short Sale Authorization Approval Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


Mr. David Jackson
General Manager- Sales Department
P.O. Box 62000-00200, Nairobi

05 August, 2013


Dear, Mr. Antony,

With reference to the letter of authorization you had written earlier, we are pleased to inform you that we have granted you permission for your short sale program from the date of 12th August.

You will have to adhere to follow the regulation and conditions which are set by our organization for you short sale program. We are ready to support you in any way possible.

For further clarification make sure to come by our offices and see us for more information.

Yours Sincerely,


Winnie Angaya


Email Format

An authorization approval letter states that the company or person whoever is seeking for authorization is hence approved by the authority. With reference to this approval letter the concerned person or company gets permission for the required work to be done.

After consolidation of this letter certain documentation to be done and the company or person acts as an authorized performer.

Dear, Ms. Honig

This is with reference to your letter of authorization and proposal given to us. We are pleased to inform you that we are ready to grant you permission for your short sale program which has to be done by your company Graham Bell Enterprises.

Velda Slocum Marketing & Selling will provide you all necessary required tools and equipments with respect to short sale program. In accordance with authorization Velda Slocum Marketing & Selling has certain rules, regulations, and conditions which has to be followed by your company for short sale program.

But I assure all necessary support would be given to you by our company. Hence for further clarification of details and proposal a business meeting has to be done. So I request you meet me as soon as possible. Kindly except our approval as well as invitation for a meeting.


Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Brandon L. Watkins-Senior Client Manager


Short Sale Authorization Approval Letter Generator

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