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Short Sales Authorization letter

Authorization is very important especially in a business oriented environment, as one individual of higher authority you would need to give authorization to another individual or group of individuals.

Many authorization letters involve just asking for permission and that’s all, but the short sales authorization come a bit different from many others. First of all you need to understand the meaning of short sale. A short sale can be well defined in the real estate world.

It involves sale of real estate by the homeowner with the aim of avoiding foreclosure. The money earned by the sale will fall short of the debt owned against the property. So this type of letter is mainly written for asking for permission to conduct a short sale.

When putting that pen on paper or typing to work, you need to keep in consideration a couple of things. A short sale authorization letter requires some certain fields to be stated in the body of the letter, especially if you are writing to the lender or a bank asking for a short sale. These important points include the following

Commissions – Like all sales you do for another party there is always commission, you should state the commission allowable.

Selling price – Make sure to give the selling price of the property that will be sold during the short sale.

Closing costs – During a sale you are required most of the times to have closing costs, that is the maximum closing costs during the short sale, so having it in the letter is important.

Dates – While writing the letter you should give the duration and the exact dates of opening and closing of the short sale.

Finally when you have kept the following in mind, don’t forget to have the letter in formal and official tone.

Short Sales Authorization Letter Template

Use our free Short Sales Authorization Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.



(Address from whom)
Loan Number_____,

Date _______


(Address of receiver most likely to be a bank)

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are writing this letter with the main aim of requesting for a short sale. We are falling back on our mortgage payments and we are also in a financial dilemma.

Kindly consider this letter as our authorization for you to deal with following persons regarding our case. _________ (state the person and the company)

We request you to do all the correspondence regarding a short sale. We have given them the full authority to work with our accounts so please contact one of the above mentioned persons in case of any questions or concerns.

Giving us this authorization will be of great help and appreciation.

Thank You,


_________ (write down contacts for all individual involved)


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

Word Filepdf

Short Sales Authorization Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


Date: 07/20/09

Property Address: P.O. Box 62000-00200, Nairobi

Sellers: Brian and Grace Sellers

To (Lender): Bank of India

Loan Numbers: 1234567891011

To Whom It May Concern:

We are writing to ask for authorization and to discuss any matters pertaining to the above referenced loan with
My officer, or any employee at Jubilee insurance Company, and my women’s organization Group, Real Estate Sales Associates, or any employee at Smoke signal Company,

This authorization includes information regarding the requirements needed for a short sale,

Any loan information, and the status of any foreclosure proceedings and the possibility of a short sale,
a short sale for the above referenced loan.


My Jubilee Officers are:
My Real Estate Sales Associates are: Max and Wayne Jackson / Cell phone: 0702774372 /
FAX: 070713251
Authorized By:
_________________________________ SS#_________000-00-0000__________
Brian Seller
_________________________________ SS#_________000-00-0000___________
Grace Seller
Address: P.O. Box 62500-00212, Nairobi
Brian’s Contact number: 0702774372
Graces Contact number: 0702774372


Email Format

This is a short sales authorization letter. It consists of a proposal about the short sales program. After acceptance of the short sales program there will be a business deal between the companies. A discount on profit made will be given to the sales company.

Dear Mr. David,

We have a short sales programme so thus we are giving you a proposal. It is an authorization on behalf of Robert sales Pvt. Ltd. We have business ties with rose Pvt Ltd since many years. We have till now given you satisfactory results.

A short sales plan is needed for the new products of rose Pvt Ltd. This program will surely increase the profit of your company. An email containing the various marketing, promotion and sales plans is send to you. A meeting proposal to discuss the plans is send to you.

We promise you service and results. Please authorize our short sales program. You can contact us on our website given to you if needed.


Yours Sincerely,
Anthony mark.


Short Sales Authorization Letter Generator

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