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Third Party Authorization Letter

Whenever there is third party involved that mean the rest two parties should have to declare its authorization. Third party authorization letter has to be written by any of the two companies in terms of declaring third party’s authority. The letter clearly mentions name and value of third party along with its necessary document and legal aspects.

Mr. David M. Rhem

Chief Executive Officer-Advert Enterprises,

4874 Jessie Street

Bourneville, OH 45617

01st September, 2010.


Dear, Mr. David

I am Mr. Charles J. Shackleford General Manager of Christopher Associates is kindly informing you the declaration of Cruz Carlo Group as the third party concern. Under the legal norms and conditions made by both Advert Enterprises and Christopher Associate this firm would be responsible for handling all necessary work which has to be done. We require your valuable effort for the necessary documentation which will authorize the firm as a third party. With regards to your worm effort I request on behalf of my company to formalize all details and proceed towards authorization process of third party firm.

If you have any question or queries related to this please feel free to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Charles J. Shackleford

General Manager-Christopher Associates

4686 Nancy Street

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