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Christmas Letter to Daughter

A Christmas letter to daughter is a nice way to express love, affection and concern towards your daughter. The letter is written by mother and father to wish their daughter happy Christmas. The letters should contain real feelings. This is a type of family letter and hence simple friendly language can be used.

Some tips to write a good Christmas letter to daughter.

  1. The letter should be full of warm feeling   and no professional language should be used.
  2. Show her how much you care for her and miss her as well.
  3. The letter has to be written in most informal manner.
  4. Also mention some of her infantile memories that can make her truly happy and bring a smile to her face.

Christmas Letter to Daughter Sample









Subject Christmas Letter to daughter

Dear Sara

How are you dear? We miss you so much and I know you too miss us a lot. I have written this letter only for you. Initially I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year .let the new year be peaceful successful and full of accomplishments. I can never forget the day when a little angel entered my life and brought all the happiness. It was a great experience seeing you growing and developing every day .Today you have become a smart and responsible young lady. A small little girl has turned into a young woman.

One year has passed and there comes again the time of Christmas and I recollect the old memories when you used to write a letter to Santa and ask him to bring some gifts. I can still remember the expression on your face when you came to know that it was not Santa who used to fulfil all your demands but it was means your dad. Though you are grown up now, for us you are still small. Just like every year, we have some surprising gift for you. I once again wish you a Happy Christmas and happy New Year.

With love

Mom and Dad

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