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Christmas Letter to Son

A  Christmas letter to son is written by a father to his son to wish him on the occasion of Christmas eve. The letter also speaks about the relationship between father and the son right from his childhood. This letter can consist of blessing and appreciation as well.  This letter is an informal letter so no professional language is written in this.

Some tips to write a Christmas letter to son

  1. The letter is written by  father to his beloved son and hence you must use a friendly and elderly language
  2. Mention about the relationship of a father and son and also mention that you are proud of your son for the achievements he has.
  3. Do not forget to convey your blessings to your son.
  4. Also mention that you liked the gift that is given to you by your son and it is appreciated by everyone.

Christmas Letter to Son Sample









Subject – A Christmas letter to son

Dear Son,

I really wonder how fast the time ran away and you have grown old so fast. I am really proud for what you are today. Firstly I would like to wish you a happy Christmas and a great new year ahead. This is the occasion where we make our relations strong by greeting each other and giving blessings. I simply cannot imagine this festival without wishing you. I really liked the Christmas gift given by you this year. I remember the days when I used to get you gifts and drop them under the tree saying that Santa has brought that for you. Now the time has changed in such a way and it’s time for me to become your son and accept the gift from you. I relay thank you for the pretty Christmas gift. Happy Christmas once again and let the new year be lucky, healthy and wealthy as well.

With love,



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