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Christmas Party Invitation Letter

Christmas Party invitation letter is a kind of personal letter that is written to invite someone for the party on the Christmas Eve. The letter should express the anticipation of the person to send an invitation. The letter is written as a request to come for a particular party arranged on the day of Christmas Eve.

Some tips to write Christmas Party invitation letter

  1. While writing this letter, do not use a professional tone. This letter has to be written in informal way.
  2. The language should be easy and simple.
  3. The letter should create a good impact on the one who reads and it should make him happy as a result.
  4. It should be like a usual invitation letter that encourages the reader to attend the function.

Christmas Party Invitation Letter Sample









Subject – Christmas Party invitation letter

Dear all

I feel very great to take this opportunity to invite you all to come for the Christmas Party at our place on the Christmas Eve. It is the time for Christmas again and we cannot let the festival go without meeting you and giving you blessings. We have been preparing for this Eve since one month. Kindly bring your spouse and children so that the festival becomes more enjoyable. We have also organised for some entertainment programmes sand we are sure that you will enjoy them. We will also give you some return gifts as a token of love. Hope you accept this invitation and be present for the party with your family members. See you soon on the occasion. Happy Christmas! Have a happy new year ahead.



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