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How to Write Good Covering Letter

When writing a cover letter, the first paragraph tells the employer why you are writing. You may include the name of a shared personal contact, if someone has referred you or recommend that you contact the person or company. You can also include your college and status and a short sentence on why you feel you are the ideal candidate for the internship/job.

The middle paragraphs of a cover letter are an opportunity to tell the organization what you have to offer. Read the internship/job description carefully if you have one and be sure to do some research on the company. Once you know about the position for which you are applying, you can target your cover letter to compliment your resume by describing your relevant work or internship experiences, coursework, volunteer and co-curricular activities, etc. Be specific and describe to the company how your skills will fill their needs.

The last paragraph will describe how and when you will follow up. It is your responsibility to follow up unless the internship/job description specifically states no phone calls or email follow up. If emailing your documents, follow-up is usually 24 – 48 hours; if sending documents by mail, follow up is usually in one week.


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