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Best Friends Forever

In this letter one can share his/her feelings towards his/her friend/s/best friends. One can basically carve the beauty of friendship into words. Or can also thank him/her and make them realize how beautiful they are in their world. One can also describe that how the days passed when your best friend is not with you (reason: abroad for studies, business, job, breaking the friendship – and realizing how important your friend is to you. )

______________ (Name and address of the recipient)

______________ (Date)

Subject: Best Friends Forever

Dear ___________

FRIENDSHIP – The best relationship in the world. One can live isolated without family, parents, children but never without a FRIEND. You are my strength and weakness too. No matter how far we are but I have never seen a day without remembering you or cherishing the golden memories spent together for so many years back here in Mumbai. Hope you are enjoying your studies, work, and life there in London.

Remembering the day way back when you were all set to leave for your further studies to London, still brings tears in my eyes. You have supported me in all ways, be it college colleagues cold war, projects, submission, presentation, College Industrial Visit or my first love.  I would like to make a little confession to you. When you were leaving to catch your flight to London I didn’t realize that you are actually leaving me and all our friends but when I was traveling back to home through Powai; I remembered the POWAI PLAZA where we friends had been to make our 100 marks BMS project and we all stayed there till 12’ o clock and the same day mom prepared MAGGI NOODLES for dinner, I broke into tears.

I realized that my BEST FRIEND is not here to share the MAGGI which we both love like anything. Mom made me realized that you guys are best friends besides the fact that you both have chosen different career, field in life and it’s only a phase of your life to be apart from each other and realize the worth of BEST FRIENDS.

Missing you always.

Yours lovingly,


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