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Caring Letter To A Friend

A true friend may not be able to give their life for you but they can definitely give your life back to you when you think you have lost it. There is no better luxury than having good, caring and genuine friend. The letter written below shows the care and concern about a friend for his/ her reckless driving.

______________ (Name and address of the recipient)

______________ (Date)

Subject: Advising a friend on the hazards of reckless driving.

Dear _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ,

This morning I received a letter from _ _ _ _ _ _ _(friend’s name). I was pained and worried to read it. Your sister complains that you are very careless while driving your new moped and have already scratched your knee once. Isn’t that enough?

He tells me that without caring for the neighbors you keep honking in the late hours of night and early hours of mourning. I am really distressed to get this news. I couldn’t believe that my friend could be a menace. Your reckless driving can be perilous not only for you, but also for the other pedestrians. Your excitement of a new moped should not lead to a disaster.

Do take care of yourself. I hope my advice does not fall on deaf ears. You are quite matured to understand for yourself how hazardous it could be for you if you ride recklessly. I hope you will respond favorably and reply.

Yours lovingly,


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