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Friendship Letters

This friendship letters are written for other friends in order to relive the magic moments spent together. To make them realize the time spent together was just amazing and awesome and that you’ll always want to live those golden days of your life again and again.

______________ (Name and address of the recipient)

______________ (Date)

Subject: Wish to relive those ‘magic’ moments

Dear All,

It’s been a wonderful journey of 3 years. The time we guys have spent together was like winning a million dollars lottery. It was like hitting a jackpot in the clubs of Vegas. The time just ran by like a wave of air and retaining the memories of the golden time spent together.

Every time I check out the glorious pictures of our group clicked at each and every occasion, I wonder how I met you guys. Then realize, “What the hell would I do without you’ll. So cheers to our group.” Be it working on a project, giving a presentation, birthdays, celebrating college days and festivals or planning an outing, we guys have lived those moments to the fullest.

I wish we had more years to be spent in BMS, and then we wouldn’t have had to separate from each other in choosing different careers. Let’s rewind the 3 years time in our life – 1st day in Sr. college, getting to know each other, becoming members of the project group, best friends, presentations, cold college wars, fresher’s party, class politics, celebrating birthdays, last minute submission, assignments, exams, toppers, differences of opinion in the group, industrial visits and on and on. We must have had lived the best time of our life – “COLLEGE”.

So, hook up to relive the magic moments again as I am coming back to India on 09th of October. Yes, on my birthday and we’ll live life to the fullest. Toodles…

Yours lovingly,



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