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Good Friend

Had it not been for a friend / good friend, imagine how the world would have survived. With who would have we shared our secret, pranks, stuffs. It is one of the most caring relations which everyone cherishes. We write such informal letters to a good friend to let them realize how worthy they are to us. Friendship letters can always be written in informal manner to express the emotions of friendship in the letter which one can’t describe meeting face to face.

______________ (Name of the recipient)

______________ (Date)

Subject: Thanks for always being a good friend

Dear ___________,

Natural beauty is what you call us (me and my friends). It’s my immense pleasure to have this opportunity to thank you for being an honest and good friend of mine. You’re the only one amongst the whole class who is the decent one. To add it more, your sense of humor and your quickness is amazing. I used to always enjoy your sense of humor.

Remember the time when I wanted a book from library for my project and my lib. I-card was already engaged; you landed me your I-card even though you required it for your project. I came to know the other day through one your friend. That shows your goodness. I now miss you saying that, “did you light your Jain crackers in Diwali.”

I also appreciate the way you handled the situation when someone linked us together for being more than good friends. I even know my good friend that you used to appreciate me in front of others but not letting me know. This are the things which I wished to tell you but can’t express my feelings in front of you. So, thought of writing a letter to my good friend and appreciating your good deeds. You’ll always be my good friend.

Yours natural beauty,


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