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Letters On True Friendship

This is a friendship letter where you can narrate how you met your first friend and your friendship with all the ups and downs in your life carried on for so many years and still to continue. This letter can also be dedicated towards your true friendship by highlighting some true heart touching and emotional experiences and the value of a true and trustworthy friend.

______________ (Name and address of the recipient)

______________ (Date)

Subject: True Friendship

Dear ___________

A very short and nice line said by true friends for holding true friendship..

..Hurt me with the TRUTH; but

Never comfort me with a LIE.

That’s how our story too is. Remember the first time we met in 1st standard, I was crying like every other toddler not to go to school and you comforted me saying that, “Don’t worry, I am there for you.” You were the only one who was happy to enter a second HOME (SCHOOL…). Yeah, I know you must only be having vague shapes in the dark. Who knew there will also be those moments where were inseparable from each other but the restless and never ending TIME would create spaces between us.

Who knew we would become like one heart and soul identical to each other in almost all ways. Now it’s been almost more than 12 years that we haven’t seen each other. Going back in time when were together till 4th standard lot of people tried to separate us by justifying the reason that we both lied to each other. But your quickness and sharpness proved them wrong. Revisiting school once again was like nostalgia for the reunion. Not having you around was a feeling that me handicapped.

Remembrance is a better compliment than love; people never expect tons of love, but only a milligram of remembrance. Every time when I read a scary novel or based on ghost, I get exulted by the fact that even you used to write scary stories almost every day and read it the next day to me. I cherish the moments that I used to be the lead character of your every story. I miss you the most on my every birthday and celebrate your birthday as well every year, as yours fall on the very next day of mine. Wish you never had to change the school due to your Dad’s transfer.

Yours Caring friend,


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