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Friendship Letter – Sample Friendship letter

Friends are the most precious gift that we chose for ourselves. A relation between friends is beyond words still when friends are apart a letter can give more warmth to the relation.

Here is a sample friendship letter:


Benton Moody

#182, Lexington Avenue,


New York


Cale Darren

200, Amsterdam Avenue,


New York

24th June, 2010

Dear Cale,

I hope my letter finds you in good health. It is being so long since we have met. Yesterday I met a friend of our college and while talking with him I recalled all the great moments of our college time.

Today we are not together because of our responsibility but still the memories of our friendship are still fresh like the newly blossomed roses. The time we shared together, the fun we had in college, everything brings thrill to me whenever the memories of our old days surrounds me.

How a friend becomes a part of life? I have learned this when you came into my life. Not only the college but after that every step of my long journey made me realize that it is not hard but impossible to get a friend like you. I want to thank you for being my friend and hope to meet you soon.

Take care,

Miss you,

Your buddy,



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