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Special Friend And Christmas Holiday

In a true friendship there are times when a friend have disturbed or irritated or frustrated or sometimes gets angry on his / her friend, but still continues with the friendship. Thus a true friend always wishes to see a smile on his/ her face.

Dear _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _,

I am happy that you are coming to spend a small cultural weekend at Montpellier

_ _ _ _ _ _ _(name of the place). There are lots of promenades to do and at this moment these are not the program to be missed. As for the promenades, it is god because we have just restarted certain special meals of restaurants in the cobbled road. I propose to you to discover them so that you can absorb a bit of yester year atmosphere. Later, we can climb up to the top of the arc de triomphe (monument). There are a hundred of steps to climb but we could discover one of the most beautiful points of view on Montpellier. If the weather is not good which would be surprising, we have decided to take you to the FAVRE museum. It is one of the most important museums of France. It possesses beautiful collections with which you can entertain yourself.

For the evening I have reserved tickets for evenings. The first, it is a concert of EMILIE SIMON; she has recently won a prize for the original track of film”the march of emperor’. The second evening will be more classical we will go to see a dance spectacle by 3 dancers and I already know that you will be charmed. For the last evening if it pleases you, we will spend the entire at drama theatre. We will 3 dramas of MOLIERE. You will also get to taste grated soup, red wines. Martin thinks that you will not regret it.    

We are impatient to meet you. See you in two weeks.

Yours lovingly,


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