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Romantic Letter to Lover

Summary: Romantic letter to your lover is the precious piece of paper you can give him. He will admire your feelings and will keep this forever with him. He will understand those feelings, which you have never explained before. Write a romantic letter to lover and make him feel special.

You made my sunshine when you said you are mine.

You are all that I dream off every single day of my life.

Whenever I see into your eyes, I find that you are the blessing of god to me and he answered all my prayers in your form.

Everytime I see you my heart skips a beat.

Everything I want in my life is only you.

Whenever you are far from me, I miss you a lot and I keep waiting for that moment when we will meet.

Whenever I think about you, it brings a smile on my face and noone else can make me feel so.

You are a perfect picture for all my dreams and I do not need any correction in you.

Whenever I m upset or feeling low the only thing I need with me is you.

My heart calms down alone with your presence, even words are not required to explain anything.

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