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Scholarship Award Letter

Summary: A scholarship award letter is one which is written to inform a student that he has achieved or has been selected to receive the scholarship and how his/her payments will be made. It also has to specify the origin of the scholarship so as to make the student know from where the money is obtained for his studies.


Mr. Mark Marshal,

Sacred Heights, California

July 15, 2010

Congratulations! We are very glad to inform you that you name appears in the short listed list for the grant of Nightingale scholarship from our esteemed university for the year 2009-10. Your yearly scholarship will be sent in three payments of $700, $500 or $300. As soon as you get the conformation of enrollment, the first part of the grant will be sent to you. The second payment will be made at the beginning of the second semester. And the last will be made at the beginning of the fall semester.

The Nightingale Scholarship has come into existence through the dedication from the Stanley Foundation which has donated $15 million to our university and made this happen for the worthy students like you to pursue their education peacefully. We hope that this scholarship will fulfill your dreams and let you study well without any financial worries.

Welcome to our university



Jenny Gander

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