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Scholarship Letter for Nursing

Summary: if you have achieved scholarship for nursing then send a thank you letter to the hospital from you are pursuing nursing course and got the degree. It will show your regards towards your studies and will prove your dedication.

6th August 2010

The Board of Directors

Graham Hospital School of Nursing


To Whom It May Concern,

Hello. First, I would like to state that I am very excited to have been enrolled in the nursing program there at Graham Hospital School of Nursing. I am somewhat concerned however with the overall expense of said program and would therefore like to be considered for possible scholarships that are currently available. I am asking that I be considered for these same scholarships through the entire course of study and program rather than just for the semester or current term. I have been raised poor without a father since my dad died when I was a young child. I have often found that financially I have not been able to do what other students were able to do and I request that I please be considered for some financial assistance through a scholarship.

I am a good student and I have earned consistently high marks in all of the classes that I have taken to this point. I hope that with being able to consistently earn such high grades that you will consider me for such a great opportunity. I have had a hard time in finding employment because of the rigorous programming needs that nursing has. I know that one day I would like to continue my time with Graham Hospital by finding employment here upon graduation. Then I feel that I would be lucky enough to sufficiently support my family and myself.

I appreciate being considered for the scholarship opportunity.

Thank You,

Brenda VanTime

Student ID # 3458291

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